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Electro Foil Boat Cheap Way To Shield EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) In House?

Cheap way to shield EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) in house? - electro foil boat

I service lines for more than 6 units of condominiums, walking on the floor of my room in a condo I recently bought. I purchased a Gauss meter is that up to 10 mg in milliGauss and .1 to 1 mg for EMC.

My readings are read in Max / red area around the point on the ground, as are the son of the service under the high. (running on a route) between the floor joists. The applicant would have been entitled to under the bed and we put the mattress on the floor.

Be present new Pergo flooring, we wanted to put some EMF shielding under the ground to the flight from the bed areas.

Everything I found online is about $ 400 - $ 700 for what we need.

Has anyone suggestions that we can buy material (leaves, leaves, etc.) as a cheap alternative to expensive EMF shields found online? I know that nickel and steel can be good, where can I buy thin it?

Thank you for any help!


KirksWor... said...

You have two problems. EMF for most people refer to the emission of air and power lines. If the effect of radio is much larger than the magnetic effect.

Described because of its proximity to the lines, is influenced by magnetic and therefore the values of Gauss.

To do aluminum or other conductive material, connected and properly motivated, a good job of shielding the radio part of such emissions. But to stop magnetic fields, they need to concentrate. This will require iron, such as sheet metal. A sheet of 4'x8 'steel is 0.060 mm thick, about $ 65 - see link below cost, for example. Put them on the field of crime and then connect a ground screw to bind to a decent electric field.

You should see a significant improvement and reduction of the EMF Gauss your ad.

wiggum said...

This is crazy on your soil, so it seems irregular, but this is perhaps strange, you can go and talk to the nearest university, the doctors of physics, know that they all

penguin 1 said...

Painting. Now there are a number of protective by'ECOS "
the United Kingdom. can be expensive, but worth it

James M said...

Unfortunately for you, the power lines pass directly under your floor.

I know that the paper is an excellent work in the power cord for the TV. Only one envelope and a steel shield around the earth and has a very good job on this product ..

You can buy paper from the roll, there are two sides of foil and a polypropylene center. The material is widely available in 10 meters and cost about 18 cents per square meter. Is reflective building insulation. An online resource RadiantGuard, 11,244 Old WorksDr. RiscoTX 75,035 have a website.

Made of galvanized steel sheet, which can be purchased homes in steel supply houses and supply heating and cooling in various sizes and come. The cost is approximately 40 cents per square foot for that.

Fordman said...

With the ground and try to calm alumimum heavy paper and stapled to the side bar. This sheet will be cut a water or land of others. Once done, take another reading and see how reading has declined. Good luck with it.

split dog said...

Have you tried to identify areas that occupied an acceptable level for the room.
In addition to the fields around a driver that you want to see what levels are also radio frequency.
If you are concerned (be) a party seeks to shield designed to measure a study of the Gaussian fields and levels of RF.
You can determine whether you are at risk under the current rules and recommenddations to create the situation.
An official report on an engineering study can be used as a lever for the management of condominiums. to correct the situation.
They should not bear the cost of protecting themselves from a potentially harmful situation.
To search for the cooperative medical imaging.
The operators of the MRI, X-ray and other equipment are loaded contain and protect the occupied territories to questions from your computer.
I hope that helps.

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